Understand Certain Factors before Selecting Suitable Web Hosting Plan


Selecting web-hosting company is very challenging with innumerable hosts out there promising to offer 99% uptime, skilled support and unlimited resources. There must be a way to dodge the jargons and take well-informed decision.

In this post, you will understand certain factors, which will help you to decide the best hosting provider and a suitable package.

Price - Everyone seems to be more interested in this factor, but make sure that it is not a deciding factor. You will see vast price differences, but remember the old saying – you get what you pay for. Leaping on the cheapest price is not a good idea because you desire to profit from your website.

For example, the most necessary features like quality hardware and non-outsourced support will not be provided by a hosting provider that charges $2 per month. So, read the features provided by each host and only then compare the prices.

Special area – The services offered by web hosts differ – some provide excellent shared plans, but do not have scope for developing businesses, while some have solutions for large enterprises, but are not right for a small blog.

Check the hosting company’s specialty before buying. Select the one that suits your particular needs. More importantly, choose a company with good reputation like the Media Temple hosting company. You can find testimonials and reviews across the internet, which will tell you a lot about their customer experiences.

Limitations - Figure out your website’s technical needs. If you desire to host an e-commerce site, a bog, videos and rich-content then avoid cheapest hosting packages you find. The plan will probably not include the processing power, speed, and space necessary to fulfill these needs.

Sadly, you will spend more time handling load issues or downtime. Read the features you get with cheap packages and also what additional charges they include for backups, support, domain and more.

Technical support – People are concerned about the downtime, so they desire to find out, if the hosting provider provides a technical support team 24/7 to fix this issue. Check the particular web host’s repute for customer support.

Look at the options provided for support services – toll-free phone, email, live chat and more. Even ask them whether they outsource support or are they staffed day and night.

Features – Why must you use them as your web hosting company? What extras do they offer? Why are they so special? It can be energy saving practices, multiple data centers or extra features like free domain or data backups – hosting providers frequently provide more besides servers.

Hardware - You need to find out what kind of servers is used. Is it out of the box or assembled? This is necessary because hardware performance can affect your site.

Customer reviews – Do Google search and look through Twitter to see what the current customer says about the preferred web-hosting provider. Social media is the best place to get answers to your queries.

Email features – Ask about their general email practices and spam solutions.

Control panel – Look if your web host provides a user-friendly control panel to make updates and modifications because if you cannot figure it out then it can be problematic.

Scalability - Make sure that the hosting plan you select, fits your future plans because once you start getting good traffic your needs will grow. Transferring hosting service can take your valuable time, so it is wise to avoid such situation in advance.

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Alex Mathew has been working with Media Temple hosting company for many years now. They offer quality hosting packages for very reasonable prices. You can visit their website to learn more.