Why is it Safe to Check Plagiarism Percentage Online?


Plagiarism as a practice has existed right from the beginning of cultured society. There have been many forms of it in the past and with the flow of time, may new forms of the practice have come into existence. The means for detecting plagiarism have also gone through great changes and they become more powerful, fast and simple in use. Also there are other methods of detecting plagiarism. But none of those methods are as accurate and efficient as online detection.

Plagiarism detection – what is it?

Detecting plagiarism is a practice that is as old as plagiarism itself. At the time when one could not resort to online detection of plagiarism, there were plagiarism detection means present. But such means were limited only to people who possessed a certain level of intellect. Most of the yesteryear tutors say that they have been adept at the task of spotting plagiarism for pretty long. Most of them would use their own method to spot the practice of plagiarism. This method was low on technology and significantly high on intuition.

The emergence of automation in the field of plagiarism detection has been a fairly recent one. This method of detecting plagiarism was first used in computer programs to detect copied commands. Only recently has automated plagiarism detection started aiding detection of plagiarism in the field of written content.

There are generally two principal purposes that the automatic plagiarism detection application addresses. The first among them is to detect instances of probable plagiarism in the paper. The more advanced detectors address the second purpose as well, which cites the source from where the writing has been copied. This is the case of online plagiarism detectors thatcompare the copy with all relevant documents that are available on the web.

Importance of plagiarism detection

There can be many instances when students and other writers can feel that they do not need the help of a plagiarism detection tool because they are pretty sure they did not plagiarize content. But it has to be kept in mind that there lies a potential chance of plagiarism whenever a student copies resource from another website or book. It has to be mentioned that plagiarism is not always intentional and there are chances of accidental plagiarism in writers that are writing academic papers for the first time.

In such cases it becomes very important to check plagiarism percentage online. It is always safer to check plagiarism by oneself than having it discovered by one’s mentor. The best way to do this is with the help of a plagiarism detector. It is thus important for every scholar who is submitting research papers for the first time to make the academic papers go through a plagiarism check. The past few days have seen the advent of several plagiarism detection websites. While all of these websites cannot be said to be of equal relevance, there are several plagiarism detection websites that are worth their weight in gold. These are the websites students cannot afford to miss on.