Top Reasons to Own an Android Phone Now


One of the most essential tech purchase done by consumers is the smartphone. When compared to laptops and the desktops, these phones are preferred for their economic price tag, trendy design, and cutting edge technology. The advent of apps exclusively for mobiles, their easy connectivity and powerful features have made the smartphones highly popular. If you do not own a smartphone, here are some key reasons you should buy one now.

Abundant Varieties

The numerous sizes and designs of Android phones make them overshadow their contender, the iPhones. Starting form 5.3 inches to a maximum of 10.1 inches, the Android phones have other variable options like detachable keyboard and stylus for easy navigation.

Removable Storage

The open platform in Android makes way for some hardware features like taking out the battery as well as SD card and swapping or upgrading it. When the storage capacity reaches its limit, you can put in a fresh SD card and increase storage to your likes. The spare battery comes in handy when you take long trips, where charging facility is not available.

Keyboard Flexibility

If you do not like the Google layout in your Android, you can very well change to a third party keyboard you like. Keyboards like Swype allow you to form words by tracing between the keyboard letters. The Swiftkey keyboard goes one step further and predicts what word you are going to type next in the sentence, saving you many keystrokes. The Motorola Droid is another excellent keyboard that slides in place and is totally physical.

Easy File Attachments

You can easily attach whatever files you want to your email messages just like you do in your system. There are many email attachment apps including Gmail app and third part email apps that make attachment an easy matter. Browsing the gallery and file system and organizing files is easier with features like Dropbox and Quickoffice.

Multitasking Feature

With your Android phone, you can listen to music, receive notifications, and also save GPS data without any need for opening the application. Even the cheap Micromax phones have these features.

Unique Home Screen

The home screen is customizable, making it easy for you to align all the widgets that you actively use within reach and always accessible. You can use these widgets without having to open the application every time you want to use one.

Ability to Choose

From the hardware you want in your phone to the type of carrier, you can choose your own options. Dropped calls or weak connections can be avoided completely. The customizable ROM functionality helps in a top level personalization that is very useful. To change the settings in the phone, you need not go to the settings menu every time, but use the widgets to do it directly from the home screen itself.

There are many more advantages that you can add like the completely open market feature, better notifications, social integration, etc. And above all, the price tags fit well within your budget. The state of the art technology, affordable price range, and versatility make the Androids a must have tech product.

Author Box:

Alex Mathew harps on the fact how one misses out on technology usage if he does not own an android phone these days. He suggests cheap Micromax phones to enjoy all those features before you aim for an expensive smartphone of your choice.

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