How to Get Your Videos Ranked High on Google?


Videos at present offer a compelling marketing strategy as internet users prefer to watch a video than take the effort of reading an article. This changing trend has made businesses to leverage it to their advantage. Posting videos on YouTube and other online video channels related to their brand introduction, selling, promotions, and services have become a mainstay in online marketing. This has far better prospects of generating sales and revenue.

Optimizing Video

Creating a high quality video and posting it on YouTube is not sufficient to get it ranked on Google. You need to make videos reach the target audience. Though you may get some traffic initially via the You Tube searches and social media shares, you can get maximum benefit only when it is ranked in the first page of Google. Optimizing the video and adopting some good marketing tactics will help you get ranked on Google.

Content Optimization

For getting your videos ranked, you need to concentrate not only on the video quality but also on the content details like the title, description, and tags you place.  A compelling title, short and concise keyword targeted phrases in the description and a minimum of 10 relevant tags are needed to make your content SEO friendly.

To get your video ranked on YouTube, you need to transcribe it. The keywords and phrases should be included. Increasing the views and better engagement with audience helps in building the channel authority. Adding a link to the YouTube channel from your site is also a way to increase the views and channel authority.

Creating Engagement

To feature your videos on the first page of Google and YouTube, you need to create and nurture audience engagement. Here are some of the ways in which you can achieve it.

Increasing the Views and Shares

To increase your views, you need to promote the videos on social platforms like Facebook. To increase your marketing efforts in these platforms, you can visit the site When the views start coming in the popularity of your video on YouTube and other channels, they will increase exponentially. Sharing videos directly from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites helps in further increasing your visibility.

Inbound Links

To get ranked on Google, you need to use inbound links. Ensure that you link your videos to as many websites as you can. Link building can be done via social bookmarks, web 2.0 posts, blog articles, article submissions, as well as by video syndication.

Embed Videos

You need to embed all the videos you have uploaded on to your own blog or website and also encourage your visitors to do the same.

Comments, Favorites, and Likes

Encouraging ongoing conversation by replying to posts diligently and inspiring people to reply through video responses will increase your credibility and build a good reputation. Similarly, the likes and favorites you get for your videos also decide on the ranking of them. Creating inspiring, innovative, and entertaining videos with great quality keeps them always on the top.

Traffic generation is the best way to get your business established online, and video traffic is the best form as it paves the way for better connection with your audience instantly and also retains them permanently.

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