The Right Domain Name For Your Business


Finding the right domain name for a business is often more important than any other marketing effort a company could make. There are many ways for the company to choose the right domain name, but they must remember that the right domain name has many components. Companies must look through all the components below to make sure that they have chosen a domain name based on the right criteria. Ignoring these criteria is a recipe for disaster wherein customers cannot find the business online because of a poor domain name.

The Length

The length of a good domain name is one of the things that companies forget because they assume that they can have any domain name as long as people remember it. The length of a domain name is important because people must type it into their computers. The only way that the customer can remember a long domain is if the domain name is the name of a product or a well known slogan. Otherwise, the domain name must be short and easy to say.

The Dashes

Companies cannot use dashes in their domain name unless they are willing to say the dashes in their marketing. When companies advertise the name of the website, the dashes must make sense as the name is being read. If the dashes do not make sense, the dashes must be removed. The dash is something that confuses most people when they are typing in a new domain name they just learned.

The Extension

The extension of a good domain name must be easy for customers to remember. When the marketing for the domain name is released to the public, the domain name must be read in its entirety. If the extension is not read, customers will routinely type in the wrong extension. This could take the customer to wrong websites, frustrate the customer and cause them to give up on the business.

When companies are trying to pick the right domain name, they must invest time and energy in choosing the domain name with all the criteria above. Following the steps above helps a company find a domain name they can profit from.