Points You Must Take Care of While Purchasing a Laptop

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Normally people have been facing problems in selecting a suitable laptop computer. I naturally ask them the purpose of their purchase and for what they would be using the laptop for. A laptop is of personalized nature and cannot be expected to satisfy the multiple purposes of each individual at work place or home. Here we shall highlight certain guidelines for the buyer.

Regardless of specialized requirements, you should know basic concepts which constitute backbone of laptop and will understand their effects. Some details are given below:

1. Processor

Laptops support different type of processors such as Intel Celeron m, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD’s Turionx2 and more. Actually cost of laptop depends on processor it supports. Intel Core 2 Duo processor series such as T7200/7300/T7400/T7500 is recommended for laptop. Only if you need laptop having capacity for heavy-duty processing, investment in costly processor is needed. Use Flipkart coupons for buying laptops with great discounts.

2. Installed Memory

It is second major factor that differentiates cost and efficiency of laptop and is the installed memory. DDR2 Memory is supported by majority of modern laptops. 1GB is sufficient for processing the office documents or for running applications needed. But at least 2GB memory is needed for Windows VISTA. Flipkart laptop coupons can get you amazing discounts and bring down your shopping bills.

3. Word of caution

Installed memory must be checked carefully. Some retailers are branding laptop model to be having “up to 4 GB memory capacity”, though actually physically installed capacity may only be 1 GB.

 4. Hard Disk Space

Space is not a problem provided you wish to save all your movie/ video collections in your laptop hard drive. Normally laptops with 80GB to 160GB space are considered reasonable for all purposes. www.savemypocket.in is the best website for latest offers on laptops.

5. Screen Size

17” to 19” screen is considered suitable but 14” to 16” screen size will make laptop portable without affecting its use. Laptop with 13.3” or less screens are known as Ultra Portable models as you can travel light carrying the set. Laptop with 10” or less size is called Netbook offering increased flexibility of portability but may not be suitable for presentation purpose.

6. Portability and Weight

This point is generally ignored but is important if you have to carry laptop. You should then consider ultra portable laptops. Ultra portable models weighing below 2.5 lbs are best alternatives.

7. Battery

More recent models are using new lithium polymer technology. For standard laptops the typical life of battery is 2 to 5 hours for operations of light duty nature. You should check user’s feedback on performance of the battery and not accept manufacturer’s claim blindly.

8. Networking and Connectivity

Laptop should have support of connectivity interfaces such as built- in 802.11 a/b/g/n, Ethernet Card and Bluetooth connectivity and have a built in modem.

9. Built-in components

Laptops which have to be used to browse, access internet, communication or online networking and gaming purpose, one which comes with the built in stereo  speakers and microphone and webcam are a good choice.

10. Warranty

 Always take the laptop which comes with legitimate warranty by the manufacturer.