Lovable SpongeBob now in Games


You ask any kid, “Who lives inside the pineapple?” and pat comes the reply – SpongeBob Squarepants. Such is the popularity of the famous character. SpongeBob is so popular among kids that they are glued to the television whenever their favorite character is aired. The majority of the people around the globe are very familiar with this sea dwelling character. He has a unique zeal and enthusiasm to solve the problems around him. He sets on the adventure with so much confidence that keeps the kids glued to him always. He has a sweet and overwhelming annoyance factor which is adored by all. Even if he is angry, he sounds so cute and desirable that all the Television series of this cartoon character is thoroughly followed by all. There is a frenzy and a mania developed for this character around the world for this character. The most popular character offered by the Nickelodeon is so famous that it has left behind all its competitors behind and has earned a name and created a niche for itself.

Why SpongeBob is famous amongst kids?

This character has bucktoothed grin pasted on his face along with cute and rosy cheeks. There have been so many occasions to celebrate this character off late. Such is the popularity of the famous character that even the Hollywood stars dubbed for him. Thus, it adds immense fame to the already popular cartoon star. The adventures he sets out for being engrossing and the kids love the way he wins at the end of every situation.

Online games introduced

The makers came up with the unique idea of marketing for the cartoon character. As SpongeBob is loved and adored by kids, they thought why not implement it in online games. This came in the picture the  juegos de bob esponja which became immensely popular and famous the day it was introduced. These games are played by kids and adults alike.

They introduced a wide variety of games to choose from. These days there is abundant games available online which kids love. This character is so famous that the games are available in many languages. It has globally reached the audience. There is so much variety available on the Internet that sometimes the user is confused as to which game to select. They are so high on sound and music that you think you are actually SpongeBob. The graphics inculcated in these games are breathtaking.  There are musical mazes, puzzles, fighting with the enemy and many more. These games have now become a classic.

Famous among all age groups

Their games offer plays for all the age groups which are colorful and with beautiful effects that even the adults can’t avoid it. These games also have a difficulty level marked on them. You can increase the difficulty level according to your comfort. The kids can play at an easy or medium level, whereas the adults can choose high as the difficulty level.

Characters beside SpongeBob Squarepants

There are other characters besides SpongeBob who are present in the gaming console. They are Patrick, Gary and Sandy Cheeks. Their appearances in the game connect you more with the Television version of the SpongeBob series and his adventures. SpongeBob lives in pineapple and works as a fry cook is often encountered with challenges. But this character is never depressed and faces all the problems bravely. So, it also teaches your kids to be patient and to be brave in times of crisis. juegos de bob esponja is cheap and has a lot of variety to play with. So, for the millions of SpongeBob fans around the globe, keep glued for the new additions to this exquisite character.