Which One Should You Choose Article Marketing or Guest Posting?


Increased prominence for content for the search engines has created a wave in two marketing strategies namely article marketing and guest posting. Most of the online marketers is are revolving around these two concepts today to make their websites rank top on the search results. You might be confused that both article marketing and guest posting are content marketing, what is the difference between the two to make the choice. Let me explain the concepts and benefits in the fallowing article.

Article marketing is writing content with the aim of promoting the product or service. You will be able submit the article in the many article directories and the publishing that article is subject to their approval. Search engines today give importance to the quality and unique content that is available online about your website. The article you submit in one directory can be submitted in the other provided you abide the rules of that particular article directory. As you keep on submitting the article in different article directories, it will lose its uniqueness though it is a original content written by you. This does not mean that article marketing does not offer you any benefits. The back link that you get through article marketing is not as qualitative as the back link that you get through guest posting.

On the contrary, the content marketing that you do through guest posting is highly unique. The guest blog that you write for the top blogs of the niche is subject to the approval of the blog owner. You will receive acceptance from blog owner only when it is informative and qualitative as well. In most of the cases, the blog owner will not accept the guest posts that are shared on other sites of the web. The content you write for the top blogs of your niche will be original and unique as well so the back link that you get through guest posting is highly qualitative than other content marketing strategies.

Even article marketing drives a good amount of traffic to your website. The article directories that you submit will handle number of niches at a go. Not every reader that come across your article is your targeted customer. In the case of guest posting, you will market your product or service in the top blogs of your niche. As they are already stable blogs in the niche, they will have existing readers in that particular subject matter. If the new article is published in the top blog, many new customer will get exposed to your product or service. As they are already interested in that particular subject matter, they will be your targeted group of customer for no doubt and you can easily convert them in your loyal customer if your article is engaging and is able to motivate the reader to take action about what you want them to do.

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