Xbox 360 Still the Best Choice for Gamers


Microsoft has sold more than 80 million consoles since its inception and is among the top consoles around the globe. Even after other games came into existence Xbox 360 is still the best and has awesome features.

Why Xbox 360 is still the best choice when compared with PlayStation or Nintendo?

It has amazing features by which you can do a lot of things; you can play video games online. You can also make a string of latest movies, TV programs, music and videos. Xbox 360 can also give access to content using video streaming, which have multiple access. It also has wireless controller camera with motion sensor and extended hard drive storage. The console is not meant only for playing games, you can also use it to integrate your hard disk videos and watching TV. In near future you can look forward to have more games on Xbox 360. This is a technological advancement, which have enabled the designer to develop several games. Now you don’t have to worry about hardware store issues because Microsoft has made the hardware more efficient and powerful. They have removed all the editing noise, which was irritating. This is the controller of all times when you can play online; you can play with or against each other using the Xbox Membership & Subscriptions services. You can download your games from the network and make your library full of wonderful games. You can also check out the Xbox 360 bundles. In case you are among those who are using Xbox 360 for the first time in their life. There is good news for them; latest features and benefits will definitely make them think that they have made the right decision. There is no need to look back and search for other consoles other than Microsoft. To get the powerful Xbox 360 you just have to install it on your computer and have all the fun.

Xbox 360 is still the best among its competitors 

Xbox 360 live membership will enable you to take all the advantages of all the content, which is available on Xbox website. Without active membership you cannot shop for Xbox 360 in the marketplace or chat with other players, you also can not download free content available on the website.

To use Xbox 360 silver membership you need a broadband internet connection to activate your membership. Go to Xbox website and download software update. Just follow the instructions and you will hold a free account, which will enable you to explore various options and prices.

After you have activated your membership you can start a game, start chatting or playing with the gamers of different countries. You can download some arcade games and use various add-ons available. Technological advancement has also enabled you to enjoy the voice and text chat and play these games.

If you want to upgrade your membership to gold this will make you avail various services like extensive library of movies and TV shows, right on your gaming console. You can also video chat, share photos, invite your friends to Xbox live for live parties.

There is a slight difference in silver membership of Xbox and gold membership. Silver membership simply makes your play games and other features in limitation whereas gold membership will let you experience the total features of Xbox360.

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