Voice Over Internet Protocol At Your Business Service


There is an age old saying that “time and tide waits for none”. What was brand new today will become an anonymous figure the next day. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to be updated with the latest moves happening in the technical field. For connecting with other business runners you need a voice and video calling service. Apart from Skype or Google video, a VoIP service is available in the market and is rapidly gaining popularity. Whether you want to make a deal, make a contract of merger and acquisition, VoIP is at your service. Many answering services provide the business with this mode of wireless tele – communication. Cititel is one such award winning company which helps the businesses to communicate effortlessly and uplifting their standards of professional integrity.

Salient Features Offered By VOIP: Delectable technical features like voice mail, toll free numbers, and call forwarding remote operations and n number of other corresponding features will come to your aide. For vesting your business radars from small medium enterprises to large scale this is one effective medium.

Make Selective People Enter Your Premise: The function of the entry buzzer is to make you aware of the person entering in your office. The phone near your outside door makes you converse with the person. Then by your phone button itself you can unlock the door, after deciding whether he/ she are liable to enter or not. It’s one of the esteemed and used forms of security of the office buildings.

Tracking Your Location: This is like a lost and found process, a very useful feature for the users of smart phones. By this technique an enumeration of calls would be created, where the callers would be able to reach you and start up the conversation. For instance if someone calls you frequently the ring will first buzz on your office phone twice, then your cell phone. And then still if you are not available it would get transferred at your home. Yet if it remains unanswered then the voicemail will take the message.

Email Synthesis By Voicemail: Another advantage of VoIP is when you receive a voicemail it will transcribe the whole message in text format and will send it to the chosen recipient. Wipe out the worry of jotting and crunching down the addresses, numbers and names lists. You can also constitute the file, can delete the same file if it’s read or unwanted, and also is helpful in searching you important voicemails; this is one important incurred benefit which seemed impossible previously.

When there is a question of updates and reviewing the accounts the companies like Cititel provide the business client with one single location. Where when the information is sent all the operators can view it immediately. The bit of information is passed through all the operators within one click and changes are made by them if any.

Soothe Your Ears While Call Waiting: You must often have heard of a call kept on hold or waiting, some buzzing music either soothing classical or western will ring in your ears. It is often soothing and delectable, but sometimes irritating too. Do not create a chaos in the ear drums of the clients by switching to rapacious elevator music or offering them grave like silence. It’s unnerving completely. The option of VoIP offers you the advantage of choosing the favourites of caller’s list music while they sit and wait to your response.

The Use Of Bandwith And Call Detailing: Where ever a huge business is concerned, the interpretation and collection of data and directing it to the main source of time and energy is very vital for the company. Through VoIP which is now in advanced format of cloud based management you can view your data usage with the use of bandwidth technique information. Furthermore, the company calls which are made for numerous errands can be monitored by incoming and outgoing reports. They include the call history of the company, rate centres, and the time of duration which the call took the person who made the call, the source of purpose and the amount used for the whole process.

Watch Who’s Calling? Often the situation arises when you are met with an unwanted call. And it’s one irritating factor for your busy day schedule, VoIP’s yet another feature which is lost due to some reasons can become very useful in today’s scenario. You can look at your caller id number and choose whether you wish to answer it or ignore. For e.g.: – you receive personal calls for you, like of your best friend or a sick family member. Then you can divert that call to your cell phone so as to retain privacy and UN interrupting your office work. Like wise if there is a caller who gets you on your nerves, you can immediately disconnect or put into the black list. Isn’t this worthy?

Become Your Employee’s Guidance Principal: It might happen that your employee while talking to the client might commit some errors or flaws in giving the information to the client discussing some important errand during the phone call. Instead of weighing him with your words of wisdom at the end of the conversation be his guidance principle while the talk with the client is still going on, the feature used for this purpose it called Barge and whisper.

Through barging process you can hear whatever the employee speaks to the client. It’s up to you where to detain him from speaking or where to let him converse freely. Same goes with the function of whisper. This feature allows you to give your employee the necessary tips, or advice, or extra citation if needed, without the client’s knowledge.

The Virtual Receptionist: Also known as the auto attendant, this feature adds to the impeccability of the business profession. It’s often used at the private branch exchanges; it allows the caller to converse through a specific manual and by selecting the desired operation. This will give a tinge of modernity to your business skills in the office while talking with a virtual receptionist.

Conferance Calling: With VoIP services, conferencing as become effortless, but most of people are not aware of the additional features that are available with the service. One salient feature is the conference floor monitor, which makes it easy for you to wield invitations. A signal of a hand raiser signing the client to stop and a service to silence the speech of the individual; if this function is handled correctly it would be of great use.

Maintaining Your Privacy: Leaving you with peace in your own world is another major factor that VoIP service provides. This feature allows you to shut down the incoming calls for a while. It is a useful tool during the lunch hours, conferences or board meetings. But rest assured it would not incur any losses from your side. The calling person would be redirected to a voicemail or your selected mode of answer.