The Different Types Of Vaporizers That Help You To Check And Buy The Best One


Vaporizer is a piece of equipment that is used as an alternative for smoking. This device is commonly used to vaporize some ingredients from the plant materials, such as tobacco, cannabis, etc. The ingredients are blend in correct proportion and are vaporized, so as to make them easier for inhalation through the device.

The vaporizer avoids the intake of many harmful chemicals like carcinogenic and toxic by-products, unlike cigars or cigarettes. The vapors that are present in the inhalation device can be breathed-in with the tobacco-free nicotine (in the pure form), so as to improve the enjoyment.

There are many types of vaporizers available in the market and they are,

Magic Flight Lunch Box Type

This easily affordable vaporizer is available in the market today. The vaporizer can be carried with you because of their size and you can use them even when you are on the go. This vaporizer functions with the help of single AA battery. The vaporizer is made from pine and is less complicated to operate.

When you load the product and close the vaporizing chamber, the indicator light automatically lights up. This indicates that the product, lying inside is being conducted (heated and turned into vapors). When the work is done, the light goes off, indicating that it is ready to use. The box is designed with a long glass stem, so as to help you take the drag. You can enjoy the vapor through this glass stem.

Pax Vaporizer Type

This high quality vaporizer is constructed from the stainless steel (used to manufacture surgical instruments) and the case is made using anodized aluminum. The vaporizer is available in four different colors, cobalt blue, onyx, emerald and amethyst.

The unit takes around 30 seconds to heat up. You can place your medications or tobacco, inside the chamber and heat up. The heating process is set with three different temperature settings. The vaporizer unit is manufactured in such a way that it can withstand the highest temperature range. The indicator light becomes visible according to the temperature that you select and switches off automatically, when the work is done.

Volcano Vaporizer Type

These are German made vaporizers and are quite expensive than the other types. These are available in two different types, classic model and digital model. The classic model has about nine different temperature settings and the digital model allows you to set the temperature from 266 degree Fahrenheit to 446 degree Fahrenheit.

The two different models of this vaporizer are available with either Easy or Solid Valve. The Solid Valve type is quite durable, when compared to the Easy Valve type, since you can reuse them again and again, on condition that you clean the valve regularly.

The Solid Valve type is cheaper than the Easy Valve and is available in different balloon sizes. However, the latter is available in one single balloon size and hence you need not clean them regularly.

777 Vaporizer Type

This vaporizer is one among the best vapes for 2014 and is entirely different from the other three types. It is just like an electronic cigarette device and never had any complaints regarding leakage of vapors. The device works for longer duration and you need not charge the batteries, regularly.

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