Top Advantages of Getting Over the Nintendo 3DS


With the release of a true stereoscopic 3D game play in a handheld device without the need of any kind of special glasses was truly a revolutionary idea that was unveiled by the Nintendo few years back. The announcement of Nintendo 3DS in UK was one of the most surprising event that was released in America, Japan, Australia as well as Europe altogether and is available for all the players to use and play with.

There are lots of gamers as well as Nintendo fans who were eagerly waiting for the new system to play upon. But before buying a one and investing in the system, first one should know about some of the unknown facts that are related with the system. Let us have a look on that:

  • The 3DS as well as DSi models offer the capabilities as well as functions that are not available in the previous DS models. While browsing the internet through opera browser is allows one to buy and download the special games through the Nintendo eShop that provides an option for creating Miis, allows upgrading the firmware of the device as well as reproducing typical type of multimedia formats from as SD card.
  • It includes the built-in VGA digital cameras that points to the user as well as to the front of the handheld which is not a useful feature for DSi, but instead it is a necessary feature for 3DS. The user camera on the 3D handheld recognizes the position of one’s eyes ultimately creating the 3D effects accordingly. Additionally the two cameras at the lid of the console are usually capable of taking pictures in 3D that can also integrate what they usually capture into the “augmented reality” mini games. Along with all these features that came with DSi, Nintendo 3DS have a full backward compatibility with the DS games, an activity log as well as the service of Virtual Console that allows buying “Nintendo Points” and then redeeming it for the Virtual reasons.
  • As one makes use of both DSi as well as 3DS attractive features, these could be used in general terms too. If one doesn’t care for browsing the web from the portable device, downloading the contents, taking the photos and many more, one could play some of the games that are direct successor of the original Nintendo DS and so DS Lite could prove to be an excellent alternative for those players.
  • Besides from the stereoscopic 3D game play, the DS Lite usually has huge number of advantages over the 3DS. The first one is that it has longer battery life that lasts from 8 to 10 hours of the continuous game play. Being a region free console games, one could play Japanese or European games even on the American console without getting troubled. Along with that, it comes with a GBA slot, so if any player has GBA cartridge he can play it on their DS Lite or one can use it with the conjunction with the specific DS titles in order to unlock special bonuses.

If one is a regular player of Nintendo games and are crazy for that, then one can opt for the Nintendo 3DS games, but if one is a casual gamer then one could go with the Nintendo DS Lite console games.

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