With the facilities of bredband, we can have internet access in the specified premises and it makes the usage of the internet very useful. Various companies have entered in this area, and provides billigit mobilt bredband services.


  • Raspberry mobilt bredband

It is a new Swedish company, which works with a simple motive of providing user friendly services to the company. There are no hidden charges involved, hence the consumer may not worry about it at all. However, two surfing schemes are being offered by the company which differs in the surfing GBs which are being given to the users, one gives a lot more space in comparison with the other. Hence the user having more usage can opt the bigger plan for himself.

  • 3 mobilt bredband

This operator offers different types of plans to the users, which ranges from the economical ones to the expensive ones and the space usage differs with every plan. One of the attractive services of the company, is that the surfing is not limited to one country, however, three different countries are being covered here, i.e. Sweden, Denmark and Hong Kong, hence making it feasible for those who keeps on travelling between these three countries, which means having connected with this company you will surely stay connected with the outer world too.


Every user has its own comfort ability, like some may like to have a wall fixed broadband, however, other may wish to have a portable one i.e. the one which is connected with the mobile. With the introduction of the mobile broadband, it would not be wrong to say that the old broadband has been side laned.


  • The portability is one of the amazing features of this, which has made it the favorite of the users, as they are no more required to stick to one place to do the work.
  • The speed has also not been compromised, and it has been witnessed that it is similar to those of the fixed broadband.

With the same benefits available as that of fixed broadband, and with the add on of flexibility, they have become popular and it is also anticipated that it has a bright future to replace the fixed broadband connections.


  • The services are being restricted to certain users, which is one of the disadvantages of this method.
  • It is expensive when the usage limit is too high, as the plans does not cover unlimited usage and in such cases users have to bear high costs.
  • The initial month expense may seem to be too low, but be ready to face heavy charges in the coming months when the offers ends up and you need to face the real prices being charged by the companies.
  • The customers are being lured that they are being subscribed to 4g speed, however, it is a lot expensive than the ones we used to use. And mind you, 4g never ever means that it has high speed.

The biggest deciding factor to choose from, both the options shall be the usage constraint, so the one which is using the connection moderately then he can opt for the mobile bredband, however ones who uses the internet more than it may not be feasible for those. Many people in the market believe that the war between the different broadband have finished, and it has been won by mobile broadband but such is not the case. As both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages which has to be overcome to rule the market, till then both of them will stay in the market.