Typography- Existing Trend to Enhance Your Web Design


Web design keeps on evolving because visitors always want something different that can make a website different from rest of the crowd. Out of the many features, it is often said that web design depends a lot on typography. Moreover, the recent trends have added more aspects, which enhanced the readability, mood and user experience. So, as a designer, it is necessary to understand typography to create a website that is not only pleasing but equally engaging.  However you need to understand, font selection is not the only aspect of typography. There are many other elements that needed to be implemented to create a website with best vision.

  1. As per the typography trend of 2014 is concerned, it is the time of natural and original design. The continuous communication increased the demand of personalization of fonts. Hence, hand written typeface has become very popular because of the interactive element. So as a designer, if you want your website to differentiate from the rest, use handwritten fonts. The visitors receive a personal essence because the website looks more receptive as if it is coming directly from a person. This is undoubtedly a new approach where hand written font is applied on the web.

In the year 2013, the web design agency has seen some changes concerning skeuomorphic and 3D design. In this regard, there was a demand of flat design which still maintains its fame in the year of 2014. It is much more simple and lucid and incorporate designing element is uncomplicated. Flat design is more crisp and clear but visually interesting. So, the font which is chosen should be easy to read with clear lines and strokes. Typography has to play a crucial role to develop that grabbing feel for websites with flat design.

  1. Now if we focus on the font, maintaining consistency throughout the website is important. There can be another option where you can pick 3 to 4 types of typefaces and stick to those all through the design. But then there are chances that readers may get confused or not like the style. Hence, it is better to keep a balance because the font conveys the purpose of your site and content as well. Make it sure that the alignment is justified because it makes a text readable.

It is a fact that website depends a lot on the content, typography must be taken seriously. 2014 trend points towards stylistic yet bigger fonts. The increased screen resolutions requires more than the standard 12 point font, because it is no longer readable. It is necessary to have proper page headings which can draw attention and can be read quickly and effectively communicating the reason for the website. Visitors can have a quick glance and make judgment whether the site is worth visiting or not.

  1. Another significant trend that has drawn attention is mobile friendly typography. Web design agencies have realized that people are mostly visiting websites through mobile devices. If they are unable to read due to the font issue, a large number of customers are lost. Hence, to save business from this loss, typography should be given a careful thought. Apart from the size factor, making use of the white space efficiently further improve the appearance of web design.

Typography is an expression of website and it is the underlying foundation. If you do not stay at par with the present changes, your website turns boring and unrecognized. Saving your design with fluffs doesn’t make any sense, if the users cannot have an enjoyable experience. So, care for your typography and leave a lasting impact on the visitors.