Make an Impression with a BlackBerry Z10


BlackBerry Z10 is a high end device that is a good competitor to various other superior devices including Apple iPhone5, Galaxy S3 and HTC Onex+. This beautifully designed smart phone has been made in white and black colors, has rounded corners, flat sides and gives the users a solid feel. Its thickness is same as that of Galaxy S3.

Its soft touch plastic in black will impress any user. There are no keys on front of phone and microphone has been placed under bottom logo which is located at edge of display. Front facing camera, status LED and the speaker is located at the top edge. It also has provision for HDMI and USB in phone. BlackBerry adding cropping and filters.Z10 has hard display which comprises of vibrant and clear colors and its viewing angles will let you view even under the direct sun. Its touch screen is sensitive and text can be entered easily. The inbuilt software for photo editing permits you to edit images by adjusting the brightness. Amazon coupons 2014 can be used while making a purchase to get good discounts.

As app Z10 performs very fast and the web pages can be loaded on device quickly and surfing the web is easy. Compared to Galaxy S3 it has a better battery life. Its in-built browser is satisfactory but not as good as Chrome or some others. Many pre- loaded apps are available including BlackBerry Hub, Docs to Go, and BlackBerry Calendar etc. BlackBerry World can be visited for downloading useful apps. Software for BlackBerry Link is there in computer that enables you to synchronize media and data files. The processor of phone is supported by 2 GB RAM. Coupons for Ebay Inida must be used for getting discounts.

BlackBerry has come up with the device having new OS and hardware and has the potential to impress everybody with its excellent features and looks. Its design is beautiful and has comfortable rear plate and plastic sides. Its most noticeable feature is the software upgrade. There is no home or navigation button in the phone. For going home, you have to swipe up from the bottom of screen.  BlackBerry 10 is equipped with the BlackBerry Hub that contains all messages, notifications, contacts and calendar events. These are integrated in hub beautifully and you can get quickly to everything using this hub. is the best site for latest discount coupons for buying smartphones.

The best quality of this device is its speed. The existing BlackBerry user would have no difficulties in switching over to BB10. But new users would take time to adjust to new settings. Call quality of this device is good and speaker is clear and loud. Microphone is also quite sensitive. But there are a few complaints regarding the life of the battery of phone.

BlackBerry Z10 is a very friendly device to the internet users because web pages get loaded quickly even if one is working on low speed connections or in 2G. The device has very useful basic features such as bookmark, copy & paste and tabs. Dual core processor of phone is supported by 2GB RAM  and 16 GB storage for store music, videos etc.