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[CES 2012] Razer @ CES [Video]


Not familiar with Razer? They make a number of different gaming peripherals and accessories. This year at CES, they were showing off their “Fiona” Windows gaming tablet prototype, some new keyboards and mice, as well as their new gaming laptop that has a touch screen number-pad area. Check out some photos and a video down below.

[CES 2012] Intel’s booth @ CES [Video]


Intel’s presence at CES is always big. This year, they were showing off a number of technologies, many of which aren’t exactly new. For instance, they were talking about Wi-Di, which is Intel’s wireless display technology that will be integrated into most ultrabooks that will be shipping later this year. Speaking of ultrabooks, Intel is really pushing them towards the market because of how thin, light, and powerful they can be. The traditional notebook will slowly die off because of them. Check out a few photos and a video of Intel at CES.

[CES 2012] Cideko’s gaming steering wheel for tablets


Tablets are, slowly but surely, going to be replacing our laptop and desktop computers soon. What better way to get a head start by feeding your tablet gaming fix? If you’re into racing games, Cideko has a solution that will be of interest to a lot of you. Meet the “Racer” and “Air Racer“. It’s a steering wheel that can clamp on to a desk or table, and be used as a steering wheel for your tablet. Both models can accommodate tablets between 7 inches and 10 inches and screen size. Check out some photos and more information below.

[CES 2012] 50 Cent @ CES – Talks about SMS Audio [Video]


Many celebrities made their way to CES this year to talk about whatever it is that they’re involved with. 50 Cent stopped by CNET’s booth to talk about his line of headphones by SMS Audio. He also talked about some of his charitable work. There are three flavors of headphones: Wireless, Wired, Earbuds. He mentioned that a common issue with wireless headphones is that, depending on their technology, there will be a significant loss in audio quality. His wireless headphones somehow solve that problem, and provide the highest quality audio as possible. Afterwords, he made his way to SMS Audio’s booth to sign autographs and briefly chat with people. Check out our photos and a video down below.

[CES 2012] myType Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard [Video]


Bluetooth keyboards still your fancy? Then check out the myType Keyboard. The keys are made so that you can fold one half of the keyboard into the other half without it making it much thicker, which basically makes it half as thick as other Bluetooth keyboards. Check out some photos, our video, and some more features down below.

[CES 2012] NVIDIA @ CES – ICS tablets, gaming PCs, racing rigs [Video]


NVIDIA really want people to know about the power of their ARM-based Tegra 3 chipset that can be found in most recent Android tablets. There were several tablets (running Ice Cream Sandwich) that were running some sort of application, whether it be a simple application or a resource-intensive 3D game. They were all having their display mirrored to an HD TV that was right above the unit. Performance is incredible, and it’s interesting to see how far portable computing power has really come. There were some ARM-based tablets that were running Windows 8, but they were locked up in a glass box. Many gaming PCs were on display, including both desktops and laptops. There were a few gaming laptops that were crazy thick, which don’t seem practical in a laptop. Lastly, there were some expensive racing rigs setup, one of which was motion controlled. Both rigs had a triple-monitor setup (3D capable) with iRacing going. Check out a few images and our video from their booth.

[CES 2012] Microsoft @ CES – Nothing really new, Cut The Rope arcade machine [Video]


Microsoft, despite having a large presence at CES, has said that this year’s show will be their last one that they’ll be attending, primarily due to them not actually launching any new products during the time that the show is scheduled around. Nevertheless, their booth was huge, and had a lot on display. With that being said, there weren’t many new things. There were some updates to Windows Phone 7 and some Windows 8 things on display, but that was mostly it. They also had a dedicated Cut The Rope arcade machine that ran Windows 7, IE9, had a CRT display, and used their HTML5 Cut The Rope app. View some photos and a video of this down below.