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Smartphone Protection Tips for Busy People on the Go


If you’re someone who seems to spend more time outside of your house than in it because you’re always at work, taking classes or you simply have a busy schedule that keeps you on the go, we’re pretty sure that you’re really happy that you have a smartphone that can help to keep you connected.

Top Reasons to Own an Android Phone Now


One of the most essential tech purchase done by consumers is the smartphone. When compared to laptops and the desktops, these phones are preferred for their economic price tag, trendy design, and cutting edge technology. The advent of apps exclusively for mobiles, their easy connectivity and powerful features have made the smartphones highly popular. If you do not own a smartphone, here are some key reasons you should buy one now.

Tips on Solving Simple Issues of iOS7


Many of us have already bought the brand new iOS7 systems for themselves. Millions of people have already mentioned their verdict on online platforms about the functionality and user friendliness of the system. However, there are still many people who are not yet comfortable with certain features of the operating system. Some of these features are too difficult for the common man to resolve and some don’t get enough time to resolve them on their own. This is the main reason, why such people should read this article which is particularly about the most common issues that have been faced by thousands of people in the recent times with iOS7. However, all these issues can be resolved in few simple steps.

How to Insure Your Galaxy S4 Online


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most powerful phones on the market, and with great power comes great responsibility. In order to be sure you are protecting your investment, it is necessary to insure your cell phone against the everyday hazards that may threaten its ability to function. In addition to insuring your phone upon activation, you may also have the option to insure your Samsung Galaxy S4 online. With just a few simple clicks your phone can be insured against all of life’s uncertainties.

Samsung sells more than 100 million Galaxy S-series smartphones


Samsung’s smartphone momentum has reached an all-time high, and we now have some numbers to go off of. Since it was launch 31 months ago, Samsung has sold over 100 million Galaxy S units, including the original, the GS II, as well as the GS III. Specifically, the latter sells, on average, 190,000 units per day. During the first 5 months, the Galaxy S III has sold over 30 million units, with an extra two months adding 10 million more units. Regardless, Samsung’s on a steady path to overtake its competitors, and if they don’t step their game up, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Nokia Announces New “Asha” Phones 205 And 206


Nokia has not only been working on Windows Phone 8, of course, and has thus now announced two new almost-smartphones that are now part of its “Asha” line.

Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet now available to purchase


If you’re into the pure Google Android experience, then their Nexus devices are the obvious ways to go. The Nexus 4, manufactured by LG, and featuring a 4.7-inch 720p display, Gorilla Glass 2, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is available in unlocked HSPA+ 8GB and 16GB capacities for $299.00 and $349.00 each, respectively. On the tablet side of things, the Nexus 10, manufactured by Samsung, and featuring a 10-inch 2560×1600 display, Gorilla Glass 2, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, is available in Wi-Fi-only 16GB and 32GB capacities for $399.00 and $499.00 each, respectively. Each product has its place in the overall gadget ecosystem, with the Nexus 4 offering a unique design, and the Nexus 10 offering the highest resolution display in a 10-inch tablet at a price below the rest.