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6 Must Have Tools and Tech for Your Business


Whether a well-established business or a start-up, it’s hard to stay up-to-date and organized for smooth running operations. However, there’s plenty of new tech out there to keep you afloat. Here are six tools every business should adopt.


Many companies hire someone to build their website. For newer businesses, however, limited budgets often result in self-made or cheaply purchased ineffective representation for their company online. Wix is the answer to entrepreneur’s web woes. As a free website (or blog) building service, Wix’s system accommodates the tech skittish with templates rather than code, and the tech savvy with the app market. Companies easily sync their apps not only to their own sites, but to the marketplace for more exposure. On top of exposure, the online store setup makes selling products simple and trustworthy. A great example of the type of sites that they can build is which is a law firms site with great user experience.

Google Analytics

Topping Forbes‘ small business tools must-haves, Google Analytics plays right into the digital marketing game. It tracks statistics of website traffic and website traffic demographics vs target audience. In other words, the free tool allows you to see the number of visitors to your website, where they are from (some of that info, at least), what brought them to the site, and how long they stay on the site. As such, it’s an effective tool to evaluate the effectiveness and reach of your social media and personal website(s), displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs by day, week, month, or year.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking allows call tracking, recording, and analytics. With call tracking, businesses find market budgeting that much easier by knowing what calls come from PPC, SEO, website, print, and various other sources. With the analytics to show, the resulting specialized advertising decisions drive better ROI and allow for improved customer service. This especially works for companies with multiple agencies or clients.

Do Share

Since Buffer, a social media post or share management tool that manages Facebook, Twitter, and other social media but lacks Google+ sharing capabilities, add Do Share to your system. Many disregard Google+’s importance, but it reportedly ranks number two, right beneath Facebook. Like Buffer, you’ll be able to schedule posts to your Google+ page and profile. Pro tip: Keep your Google Chrome browser open, otherwise this won’t work.


As a small business owner, freelancer, or self-contractor, if you own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, it’s highly advised that you purchase a Square reader and download the free app to make your Apple devices an instant and safe transaction hub. You’ll only pay 2.75% per transaction without the hassle of monthly charges or annoying contracts. Plus, it works with all major credit cards.


LinkedIn makes hiring talented and motivated employees a one-stop shop. With your own network contacts and contacts of those within the network accessible, this free social media site makes finding viable options for open positions, connecting with influential peers, or sharing business tips and experiences on the top professional site an important business expansion and learning tool. Experts in business consulting like Gary Bizzo advise people to use LinkedIn to the best of their ability as it is a very powerful tool.

Once you have the right team and the right tools for them to master, your can really flex your business muscle. Get the tech down to get your sales up. Coming up with one of these tools could also have your income of your business going up. If you come up with one of these great ideas and are located in the country of Canada then you should look up a patent expert in Canada so your idea is safe.

Courier software – Improve Customer Service With a Incredible Software

Courier software is new and updated software in market which is very helpful for courier companies in different ways. It helps the companies in faster dispatch of orders, verifying address and easy billing process. You can set up the courier software in an hour. Its web order system is easy to use and understandable by the customers. Price rate of this software is extremely affordable and competitive since it has no hidden extra charges. Customers can meet their expectations with this software.

You can run small delivery service to national level trucking company with the help of courier software. It is fully featured and helps all established and start-up companies. Once you start using this software, your business will start making the most advanced solutions and you will start meeting your growing needs. It is user friendly since online ordering package is available for this software. It saves a lot of your time since it works with a single click of your mouse. Don’t waste time by clicking; better use your precious time in growing your business. It will give you confident and complete satisfaction.

Why .Net Training Is Required for Building a Career in IT Industry


Nowadays, almost all businesses highly depend on the IT (Information Technology) departments for expansion. In fact, fluctuation in the sales of a company’s products or services is believed to be an effect of the poor business strategies of its IT professionals. Some of the IT companies even leverage technology for minimising the operational costs. Hence, it is quite obvious that the IT professionals around the world would necessarily need to rely on such a technology that would help them meet their targets as well as fulfil the business purpose easily; and .Net is the most dependable technology that the majority of IT professionals rely on.

How to Upload and Share Files on the Internet

File_Sharing 1

Are you looking for fast, efficient, secure ways to share your files on the Internet? Look no further! There are several different methods you can use to share files, so we’ll look at how to use each one. All of these file sharing services are easy to use and come with more complete tutorials online on how to use them to send and share files. Let’s get started!

Online Survey for Better Market Understanding and Increased Profit


There are many applications of software based technologies. Out of those applications online survey has become one of the important applications. It the world of business an untested idea is considered a bad idea. This is because when a company is investing their valuable money and time on a project they expect a handsome profit from that investment. So before launching a product in the market the company first has to figure out what exactly the customers want and is their product good enough to meet the consumer’s expectations. To know these important facts and much more they need to ask potential customers some questions which will help them to determine the odds. They can do it online to enjoy many benefits. This is known as online survey.

Why Would A Network Engineer Need A CCNA

If you’re currently looking for a job in computer networking, in specific a network engineer then you may be noticing a common qualification they are asking for and that’s a CCNA certification. If you don’t already have one this could make the job hunting process a lot more slow as you find yourself constantly being passed by. So why exactly would a network engineer need a CCNA? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The thing is that you can technically become a computer engineer without a CCNA certification but with that said it seems more and more employers are requiring it. In some cases it acts as that deciding factor that really pushes you over the edge. It is a formal degree that helps add credibility to your resume and shows not only are you serious about the career path but you’ve likely invested time in CNNA certification training courses to prepare for the exam that you would have had to write. An employer looks at these factors in a very positive light.

Prerequisites for Software Implemented in School Administration

Studen Information System 2

In this technology driven world, both the important and the unimportant aspects take refuge in some or the other latest software application. While managing institutions such as a bank, a lot of information needs to be accessed every other day because of which efficient software needs to be selected. In schools, student data needs to be managed and kept track of; all the daily responsibilities need to be made simple and communication with staff as well as parents need to be clear and on time. Therefore, the software should be designed to fulfill these requirements. Searching for the right software will help you to give more time to actually educate your students. The requirements for school administration based software are elucidated below.