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LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 5/5S Revie

IMG_9201LifeProof is known for their protective cases. As the name suggests, their cases are water, dirt, snow, and shock proof (up to a certain point). While trading protection for bulkiness, this case can be used for everyday use or on occasion when your life needs it. The Nuud provides screenless technology, which leaves the screen bare unlike their Fre case variant, which comes with a built-in screen protector. The Nuud case comes in a few different color combinations.  The Nuud retails for $89.99 on their website (link), but can be found on Amazon for less (link), and was provided for review.

Starting off with some specifications, the Nuud is waterproof up to 6.6’ or 2 m for one hour fully submerged, dirt proof to seal the phone inside the case so no dust or dirt particles can enter the case, snow proof to keep out melting snow and ice, and able to withstand drops from 6.6’ or 2 m.

The Nuud case provides some nice grip to hold the phone. The added bulk to the iPhone does not take away from comfortably holding the phone in one hand. The Nuud is a two-piece case and takes some work to put the case on the phone and to take it off. The lightning port must be unlatched and the headphone port has to be unscrewed before taking the case apart. But, these two factors protect the ports from the elements such as water.

The front portion has clear seals for the front-face camera, sensor, home button, etc. The clear seals do not interfere with the camera or sensors, and the touch id still works somewhat. The home button is hindered by a piece of the Nuud case so at time the touch id may not recognize one’s fingerprint.

The screen is left bare and a built-in screen protector is not included. The outline of the case around the iPhone’s screen makes it hard to pull down the notification center and pull up the quick toggles. This makes it hard to quickly get to things such as the Wi-Fi toggle. LifeProof strongly suggest removing any screen protectors on the iPhone prior to using the Nuud as they are not responsible if any water gets into the iPhone. A specially designed screen protector, compatible with the Nuud, is included for those that want to cover the screen exposed. The Nuud case needs to be tight against the phone as water can get on the iPhone screen that is exposed, but the case blocks it from getting onto the rest of the phone.

A dummy plastic phone is provided for you to test the waterproofness of the case. I would recommend taking apart the case and reassembling the case with the plastic phone and then summering it in water to see if you can assembling it right to avoid any incidents with your actual phone.

The back piece of the case is clear to show off the color of the iPhone.

A threaded headphone jack adapter is provided, as it needs to be tightened against the case to keep water out. This can be a hassle because it may be easy to lose the adapter or carry it around to use. But, at the price of waterproofing the iPhone, it is a necessity.

The case is nice to have for going to the beach or camping. Because of the bulkiness of the case, I only use it on occasion, but have seen people who use it as an everyday case and love it. I used the case while camping at the beach and it worked great. The sand did not get into my iPhone, but needed to be dusted off of the camera clear seals and home button seal. Also, it was great at keeping the few specks of water that got on the screen out of the case.

The phone was never fully submerged in the water so I cannot verify the effectiveness of the case, because I left my screen protector on the phone, which is not recommended, so I was not willing to put my phone in the water.

Overall, the LifeProof held up well against the elements I faced. Although the bulkiness and few other problems take away from me using the case everyday, it is a nice case to have for those moments when you need it the most. I would recommend this case to those looking for the ultimate protection for what life throws at you.













Anytime, Anyplace, Any Where – With Cloud Computing


Wouldn’t it be great if you could work at anytime from any place in the world using any device? Oh what’s that? It’s already possible?

Yes thanks to cloud computing, businesses can now operate at any time of day or night from anywhere in the world. What’s even better is that their emails, data and software can be accessed using any device, from desktop computers and laptops to mobiles, digital tablets and even PDAs. This revolutionary technology is vastly transforming the workplace by changing how and when we work.

Proporta Barbour Hard Shell Case for iPhone 5/5s

IMG_8736The Barbour hard shell or snap-on case comes in a few different colors. Currently, Proporta has the case in brown in stock. The case retails for $33.95 USD on their website (link) and was sent out for review.

The olive green color and quilt- like design looks nice. It is a simple design, but is still sophisticated and classy.

The case adds minimal bulk, but as a drawback it provides little protection. There is scratch protection for the back of the iPhone, but the front is fully exposed. All of the buttons are accessible so most of your 3.5 mm jacks and lightning cables will work without removing the case. The camera cutout is large enough so there is no interference with the camera or the flash. The case is flush with the front of the iPhone so there is no lay on the table design.

Overall, the case is great as a snap-on because of the minimal bulk, but for those who are accident-prone, this may not be the case for you as it provides little protection.






6 Must Do Things for SEO Optimization on Bing

bing seo

Bing and Yahoo are now getting increasing attention from some parts of the world. They have 25% market share. Over the next several months further integration will occur over sharing their and further integration search functions.

If you have ignored the growing importance of Bing, you are doing wrong. Now it is the time to start looking at how to optimize website for Bing.  This post will let you know how to index occurs with Bing.

What Features To Look for in Workflow Software Systems

If you are running a business, then it is important to associate yourself with excellent BPM workflow software systems that will enable you to deliver better services to your customers. Now, there are many companies that vouch for their software systems. However, you cannot trust on all of them. If you seek, the best, then it is necessary to look into the system’s basic possibilities.

Systems like Comindware will enable you to execute them in a lucid manner. Flexibility and better configurability are some of the key points of their solutions. The software systems also feature tracker system that is also enabled and integrated with MS SharePoint and MS Outlook. They are easily available in both on-premise and Cloud deployment.

Destressing: 5 Online Games You’ll Love to Play

Destress This Mess

When you’re feeling worn-down, pressured, and stressed, sometimes the best thing to do is to turn away from the source of strain and let your mind relax. That’s what’s so great about online games. They’re quick, they’re easy to get access to, and they’re fun snippets of entertainment to take you away from your stress for a few minutes at a time. Let’s take a look at a few of the most interesting, stress-reducing games on the Internet today.


One of the more unusual trends in online gaming today is the rise of the idle game. Idle games are designed to work with minimal player input, allowing the player to enjoy the pure satisfaction of watching numbers rise and circumstances get more complex with every decision. Idleplex is six different idle games in one, asking players to build a massive tapestry of windows filled with one of six different mini-games.

What starts as a slow and silly game of keeping a bouncing goat in the air quickly evolves into a wall of wild, partially self-playing games where you rack up money for upgrades by the millions per second. Idleplex even has a convenient button to make it look like you’re working on a spreadsheet so you won’t get caught de-stressing at the office.

Robot Unicorn Attack

The “endless running” genre may have started with classics like Canabalt and gotten famous with mobile games like Temple Run, but few running games are as charming and addictive as Robot Unicorn Attack. This Adult Swim invention is ground zero for extreme irony, tasking players with navigating a magical land of floating platforms in the role of the titular mythological creature.

Crash through stars, capture butterflies and enjoy the 1980s synth pop of “Always” by Erasure in the weirdest quest for a high score ever. There are also variations on the original, including a delightfully dark “death metal” version, a mobile-only sequel, and an extra-challenging version that has the original unicorn transforming into other creatures.

Plants vs. Zombies

Sure, the supply of zombie-themed games is an endless horde, shambling through every genre looking for new games to devour, but this one is special. Plants vs. Zombies has a simple premise but deep gameplay, pitting the two forces against one another in a lane defense model for the ages.

There’s a single-player challenge mode, a multiplayer adventure mode, and a puzzle mode that’s good for fans of Bejeweled. It’s silly, it’s creative and it’s a must-play for those who get a lot of satisfaction out of besting greater and greater challenges. And when you’re ready for a new wave, a mobile-only sequel hit the market in 2013.


While you’re de-stressing, you might as well earn a little cash on the side. Some of the best online games are digital adaptations of classic casino games. From slots and roulette to card games and skill tests, these games are good for players who don’t have much interest in killing the undead, controlling a cartoon or going on an adventure. There’s a great community out there for dedicated players, the buy-in is usually pretty small and you have the chance to earn some cash besides.


Games don’t just have to be about mindless fun. Quite the contrary; games can actually strengthen your brain while you play. Lumosity is a system containing dozens of games designed to train your memory, reaction time, attention, and problem solving for players of all ages. These games have been proven effective by a variety of international studies, and the scientifically supported program has aims beyond simply entertaining and improving players. Lumosity games are actually advancing the field of cognitive science and making it easier for researchers to build better teaching tools.

Don’t let stress get the best of you. There’s an endless supply of great games online that are great at taking the edge off those high-pressure days. Some will make your brain stronger, some can supplement your income and some are just for fun. Happy gaming and don’t forget to post your high scores.

Native Union Switch Speaker Review

IMG_8303The Native Union Switch is a portable bluetooth speaker that offers some big sound. It is a versatile device that does more than just playing music. It comes in a variety of different colors and the standard colors retail for $149.99 on their website (link) or view it on Amazon, where it is currently priced at $75 (link). The Switch bluetooth speaker was sent out for review.

The speaker is larger than some of the portable speakers on the market so it is less travel-friendly than some speakers but makes up for it in features. The speaker allows users to make conference calls, charge one’s device while using the speaker, play music in two different positions, and has a volume dial to adjust sound.

The Switch has four different ports which include the auxiliary port, the phone port (for conference calls), micro USB in for charging the speaker, and USB out for charging one’s device. Included with the speaker is a braided aux cord and micro USB cord that are the same color as the speaker. The braided cords are an added bonus because they do not fray as easily and do not tangle as easily than the conventional cords.

The volume dial is great for adjusting the sound of music or calls to the perfect level because it is precise and easy to turn. There is a feedback sound when the full volume is reached indicated that it has reached the maximum output of sound. Inside of the volume dial is the multipurpose button for turning off/on the speaker, putting it into pairing mode, playing and pausing music, and answering and hanging up calls. The LED next to the volume dial indicates what mode the speaker is in so in pairing mode, the speaker will alternate between white and red flashes. On the opposite end of the volume dial, on the speaker, is the LED indicator that shows the battery percentage left on the speaker.

The battery life on the Switch is impressive. I usually only have to charge it once every few weeks. I use the device about every few days for a couple of hours on average.

Build quality is great on the Switch. It is made of a soft touch plastic with a matte finish so it does not pick up fingerprints or scratch easily. The speaker looks sleek and fits nicely in any room.

The Switch can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and offers the same sound in either position. This is a unique feature of the speaker so if the user has limited space, the speaker can be used in the vertical position.

The sound quality is clear on the device. It fills a small or medium room well. The sound on the speaker carries well. The bass on the device has a nice thump to it. The highs, mids, and lows are present. There is also some good treble. The speaker is also great for adding some surrounds sound to a movies, videos, etc.

Overall, the speaker offers a nice alternative to the speaker on one’s device.  It packs a loud punch in the sound department and offers some extra dimensions of sound that may not be available on one’s laptop, phone, or mp3 player. I would recommend this speaker to those looking for a bluetooth speaker that has good sound quality and many other features.