Typography- Existing Trend to Enhance Your Web Design


Web design keeps on evolving because visitors always want something different that can make a website different from rest of the crowd. Out of the many features, it is often said that web design depends a lot on typography. Moreover, the recent trends have added more aspects, which enhanced the readability, mood and user experience. So, as a designer, it is necessary to understand typography to create a website that is not only pleasing but equally engaging.  However you need to understand, font selection is not the only aspect of typography. There are many other elements that needed to be implemented to create a website with best vision.

A New Weapon of Choice: The Navy’s Plan to Deploy Laser Systems


The future is here. The United States military has worked toward using laser guns over the last several years. There are plans now to actually launch a laser gun this summer. It is attached to a Navy warship, and will be tested in potentially hostile waters. There have been many years of research and tens of millions of dollars put into this laser, and now we’re looking at the future of war and technology.

The Research Phase

It has been about six years in the making for us to finally see this laser come to fruition. However, that’s just the research done on this specific weapon. If you look a little broader, you’ll see that the American government has had the military looking at and researching laser weapons for decades. With all of this research, there has never been a full-working, ready-to-be-tested prototype.

Laser technology is something that has been used in our everyday lives for several decades. For example, when you use a television remote from the 90s, it uses laser technology. Even today we are using lasers with our everyday devices, such as the HTC Mini that works with the HTC One. The research used in these everyday devices has also helped improve the knowledge and research of those working on a laser weapon.


The big question now is whether or not the laser weapon will work, and how effective it will be. Sometime in the summer of 2014, the laser will be fitted to a ship – the Ponce. There are currently no dates as to when this will happen, however. It’s important to note that the testing will be done in a relevant environment. In fact, the spokesman for the Naval Sea Systems Command has said that it will be tested in a similar area to where they expect to have to use the weapon in the future. Testing in this environment will show what changes and improvements are needed.

Possible Concerns

There are a number of concerns that will be tested for concerning these lasers. For example, lasers have a tendency to be less effective in the cases of turbulence in the air, as well as during dusty or rainy conditions. Basically, if there is any interference, the laser can easily lose its effectiveness. In addition, it is expected to require a lot of energy to run properly. The Navy has stated that they have found ways around these problems. Unfortunately, until there is testing done, there is no way to know what impact the weather and other elements will have.

Another concern is that there is little to no way to store enough power for the laser gun. However, the Navy is working around this, as well. They are working on battery systems that will store enough power to run the guns. In addition, they are working on a new destroyer that will be able to generate enough power. However, at this point the new destroyer is the only ship with enough electricity.

The Future

As long as testing goes well, it is expected that these laser guns will become more commonplace in the United States Navy. While they are expensive to build, the guns actually only cost a few dollars per shot, which makes them more cost-effective in the long run than many missiles and other large weapons. It is expected that sometime between 2017 and 2021, the new laser guns will be a common part of the Navy force, and they’ll become a regular weapon on the Navy fleets.

As these weapons become more popular and more commonly used, there will be research on how to decrease the amount of electricity needed to run the guns. In addition, there will become better ways to store the electricity needed.

Lasers used to be a thing of the future. However, today we are working on deploying a new laser gun on a Navy ship. We have entered the future, and looking ahead it will be interesting to see what the new future holds for America and the world in general.

PC Games: You will be playing all of them on your iPad soon


Video games are among the most popular means of entertainment of the moment, millions of people opting to spend their free time playing video games on their computers, tablets or smartphones. However, despite the recent advancements in technology, the gaming experience is still significantly different from one platform to another, but efforts are made to minimize the gaps. One of the devices that received a lot of attention lately was the iPad, many developers trying to come up with creative solutions to improve gaming on the iPad. One of the most daring solutions of the moment allows you to play some PC game on your iPad, but this is done with the help of a few clever tricks. Still, it’s a good start, so the question that arises is: will you be able to play all your PC games on the iPad anytime soon?

Gaming on Android: How it is a perfect platform for game developers?


When it comes to creating a game for the mobile platforms, developers are faced with a tight decision – should they target the iOS platform or the Android platform? Both platforms are very competitive and have a huge market share, so what’s the best bet? While it’s obvious that the opinions may vary, Android does tend to offer some bigger advantages for game developers. Here’s a list of the most notable advantages in developing games for Android.

5 Tips to Buy the Best Suitable Phone System for your Business


Business phone systems are an essential part of your business communication process with prospective customers, employees, stakeholders and other suppliers. These systems are available in different configurations with a long list of impressive and advanced features.



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Top Advantages of Getting Over the Nintendo 3DS


With the release of a true stereoscopic 3D game play in a handheld device without the need of any kind of special glasses was truly a revolutionary idea that was unveiled by the Nintendo few years back. The announcement of Nintendo 3DS in UK was one of the most surprising event that was released in America, Japan, Australia as well as Europe altogether and is available for all the players to use and play with.