Microsoft Office 365 free for eligible teachers and students

Microsoft Office is the most used program for word processing and other components. The most popular Office program is Microsoft Word. The price to purchase Office may not have been in some people’s budgets, but Microsoft has integrated some ways to reduce pricing for students and more. Currently, Microsoft is offering Office 365, which includes Word, Powerpoint, and Excel to name a few, for free for eligible teachers (faculty and staff) and students (13 years or older). Note that this requires an educational email account, most likely ending in .edu (some have confirmed that their school accounts ending in something other than .edu work [i.e. .org]) from one’s school and some schools may not qualify. This will only work for schools that have integrated Microsoft Office into their system, and thus have contracts with Microsoft. An uncertainty is how long people will be able to keep Office 365, as access may be revoked after one’s .edu is no longer working. But, while Office 365 is available, it would be a nice opportunity to use some great programs that have made many people’s live easier.

Currently this is only available for U.S. students, but Microsoft stated that worldwide access with be coming later in the year. For teachers in the U.S., Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus will be available starting in October 2014, with worldwide access to educational faculty and staff to follow beginning in December 2014.

Visit the Microsoft Office Education portal (website link) to check for eligibility. Also, visit Microsoft’s blog for more details on the offer and what comes with it (blog link).

If you qualify for Microsoft Office 365, you will receive the following as stated on Microsoft’s blog:

  • The latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher
  • Installation on up to five PCs or Macs, and Office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPad
  • 1 Terabyte of OneDrive cloud storage
  • Office Online



LifeProof Nuud for iPhone 5/5S Review

IMG_9201LifeProof is known for their protective cases. As the name suggests, their cases are water, dirt, snow, and shock proof (up to a certain point). While trading protection for bulkiness, this case can be used for everyday use or on occasion when your life needs it. The Nuud provides screenless technology, which leaves the screen bare unlike their Fre case variant, which comes with a built-in screen protector. The Nuud case comes in a few different color combinations.  The Nuud retails for $89.99 on their website (link), but can be found on Amazon for less (link), and was provided for review.

Starting off with some specifications, the Nuud is waterproof up to 6.6’ or 2 m for one hour fully submerged, dirt proof to seal the phone inside the case so no dust or dirt particles can enter the case, snow proof to keep out melting snow and ice, and able to withstand drops from 6.6’ or 2 m.

The Nuud case provides some nice grip to hold the phone. The added bulk to the iPhone does not take away from comfortably holding the phone in one hand. The Nuud is a two-piece case and takes some work to put the case on the phone and to take it off. The lightning port must be unlatched and the headphone port has to be unscrewed before taking the case apart. But, these two factors protect the ports from the elements such as water.

The front portion has clear seals for the front-face camera, sensor, home button, etc. The clear seals do not interfere with the camera or sensors, and the touch id still works somewhat. The home button is hindered by a piece of the Nuud case so at time the touch id may not recognize one’s fingerprint.

The screen is left bare and a built-in screen protector is not included. The outline of the case around the iPhone’s screen makes it hard to pull down the notification center and pull up the quick toggles. This makes it hard to quickly get to things such as the Wi-Fi toggle. LifeProof strongly suggest removing any screen protectors on the iPhone prior to using the Nuud as they are not responsible if any water gets into the iPhone. A specially designed screen protector, compatible with the Nuud, is included for those that want to cover the screen exposed. The Nuud case needs to be tight against the phone as water can get on the iPhone screen that is exposed, but the case blocks it from getting onto the rest of the phone.

A dummy plastic phone is provided for you to test the waterproofness of the case. I would recommend taking apart the case and reassembling the case with the plastic phone and then summering it in water to see if you can assembling it right to avoid any incidents with your actual phone.

The back piece of the case is clear to show off the color of the iPhone.

A threaded headphone jack adapter is provided, as it needs to be tightened against the case to keep water out. This can be a hassle because it may be easy to lose the adapter or carry it around to use. But, at the price of waterproofing the iPhone, it is a necessity.

The case is nice to have for going to the beach or camping. Because of the bulkiness of the case, I only use it on occasion, but have seen people who use it as an everyday case and love it. I used the case while camping at the beach and it worked great. The sand did not get into my iPhone, but needed to be dusted off of the camera clear seals and home button seal. Also, it was great at keeping the few specks of water that got on the screen out of the case.

The phone was never fully submerged in the water so I cannot verify the effectiveness of the case, because I left my screen protector on the phone, which is not recommended, so I was not willing to put my phone in the water.

Overall, the LifeProof held up well against the elements I faced. Although the bulkiness and few other problems take away from me using the case everyday, it is a nice case to have for those moments when you need it the most. I would recommend this case to those looking for the ultimate protection for what life throws at you.













Anytime, Anyplace, Any Where – With Cloud Computing


Wouldn’t it be great if you could work at anytime from any place in the world using any device? Oh what’s that? It’s already possible?

Yes thanks to cloud computing, businesses can now operate at any time of day or night from anywhere in the world. What’s even better is that their emails, data and software can be accessed using any device, from desktop computers and laptops to mobiles, digital tablets and even PDAs. This revolutionary technology is vastly transforming the workplace by changing how and when we work.

Three IT Careers in The Health Care Industry

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 3.36.59 PM-resized-600

Careers in the IT field are in demand, and there is no greater need for them than in the healthcare industry. With technology changing at a quick pace, it’s important for health care professionals to keep up — which is a difficult challenge. Recently, new government laws went into effect that the healthcare industry must have an electronic system for a patient’s health records. Not only do medical professionals have to learn about new medical devices, they also have to quickly pick up IT jargon. If you have IT expertise, you’re definitely ahead of the competition. Here are three IT careers that you can pursue in the healthcare industry.

1. Electronic Medical Records Professional

When hospitals move their information from paper to electronic, there is a need for someone to upload it to the computer managements system. Using software templates, electronic medical records (EMR) professionals add all the patient’s information and can easily be transferred from one hospital to another. An IT background helps to navigate templates quickly. Electronic medical records help prevent doctor error, since it’s easier to understand typed text instead of the infamously illegible doctor handwriting.

2. Systems Engineer

If you are a planner, then this is the career for you. Using your IT background, you are responsible for building the IT system for the health care company. Some of the most common jobs are computer systems engineers and power systems engineers. A computer systems engineer makes sure the hardware and the software are working with all the employees’ computers. A power systems engineer keeps the electricity going so the computers work. This helps streamline communication since information gets sent and received quicker than having to mail paper documents. This also keeps patient’s documents intact and there is no worry about missing information.

3. Chief Medical Information Officer

As a new job description in the health care industry, a chief medical information officer is a director of health or medical informatics of the organization. They are responsible for making sure the IT systems are operating well as the government is making hospitals transition over to electronic medical records. It helps to have everything streamlined so nothing falls through. It would be highly beneficial to have a degree in medical informatics, as this integrates the IT technology with the medical knowledge. One place to learn more information is here. Medical informatics help to collect patient’s data using technology tools so patient information is readily available.

While it is great to have IT experience to break into the healthcare industry, working as a healthcare worker gives you a leg up among the competition. You already have the healthcare knowledge and the IT background. All of these healthcare IT careers help doctors receive information quickly and accurately, build trust within the patient, and leads to fewer misdiagnosis and lawsuits. With IT and healthcare experience, you can land one of these great careers.

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Review on ASKME App- The must download app

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Android Data Recovery Freeware Recovers Lost Files Easily


If you can’t live without your android smartphone or tablet, imagine the panic if one day you find that your favorite android device decides to fail on you. All your precious photos, data, songs all gone in an instant just like that. Eliminate all your headaches with the world’s first free android data recovery software called Mobi Saver for Android Free.