The Importance of Powered Templates written


With software developers applying their endeavours to prepare to a great degree easy to use website development tools that take significantly of their specialized dexterity needed out of the picture, a new world has opened up for a few dollars strapped non benefits. Recent trends reveal that, start-up companies, large organizations and private people who are starting a website development venture, using site powered templates will permit them to effectively do their project without being constrained because of plan obligations. Yet utilizing site templates from reliable shop implies, there are fewer overheads to be recognized. It ought to be specified that simply uncovering a model isn’t the end of the road. Notably, various functional and design effective website powered templates can give a great number of practicality and versatility characteristics for free.

Scuf Gaming Hybrid Controller Review

IMG_8316Scuf Gaming makes professional gaming controllers for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, as well as accessories and other gaming gear. They offer controller customizations so people can find or make their ideal controller. The Xbox 360 Hybrid controller (The Scuf Hybrid model) retails for  $125.95 on their website (link).

The controller arrives in a sturdy box that includes an instructions guide on how to set up the controller and how to remap the trigger buttons. It also comes with a Scuf-Key to adjust the trigger pull resistance.

The controller comes in a wired (for Xbox or PC) or wireless version, but the wireless version can be used as a wired controller for the Xbox. The wireless version (reviewed in this post) includes a rechargeable battery so it is a lot lighter than the original Xbox 360 controller. It is charged via mini USB, with the included cable. The cable charges the controller but it can also be used to game while charging through the Xbox. My controller has some battery issues as it was unable to hold a charge for more than a day even if I used it only for an hour, but I did not see anyone have this problem so it might just be my controller.

The Hybrid controller is light because it eliminated the battery pack and is rechargeable. This allows the user to continuously play longer without fatigue because the added weight of the battery pack on the original Xbox controller does add up over time.

The Scuf Hybrid has a matte finish on the front of the controller and a rubber-like back that improves one’s grip of the controller. The matte finish prevents fingerprints from showing up and keeps scratches to a minimum, if there are any scratches at all. The controller has a depressed/concave left thumb stick and a convex right thumb stick for extra grip. The d-pad is more defined than the original controller so pushing in different directions is more accurate.

The controller can be equipped with up to four paddles and they can be mapped (assigned) to any button desired via the remapping button located on the top of the controller. These paddles are great for FPS, other types of shooting games, and other games as well. They provide quicker access to the assigned buttons, but it does take some time to get used to this controller. The paddles are accurate and I have not had any times where it did not work when I used them.

The controller as a whole surpasses the original xbox controller in every aspect because it performs great as well as features many things that the original Xbox does not have. After using the Scuf controller for a week, I could not stand going back to the original Xbox controller because it was a lot heavier and could not perform like I expected it to.

Overall, the Hybrid controller is versatile and performs like I imaged a professional gaming controller to perform. It works as promised and outranks the original Xbox controller in every aspect. I would recommend this controller to anyone looking for a controller that provides better grip, performance, and is lighter than the original Xbox controller.




Native Union Switch Speaker Review

IMG_8303The Native Union Switch is a portable bluetooth speaker that offers some big sound. It is a versatile device that does more than just playing music. It comes in a variety of different colors and the standard colors retail for $149.99 on their website (link) or view it on Amazon, where it is currently priced at $75 (link).

The speaker is larger than some of the portable speakers on the market so it is less travel-friendly than some speakers but makes up for it in features. The speaker allows users to make conference calls, charge one’s device while using the speaker, play music in two different positions, and has a volume dial to adjust sound.

The Switch has four different ports which include the auxiliary port, the phone port (for conference calls), micro USB in for charging the speaker, and USB out for charging one’s device. Included with the speaker is a braided aux cord and micro USB cord that are the same color as the speaker. The braided cords are an added bonus because they do not fray as easily and do not tangle as easily than the conventional cords.

The volume dial is great for adjusting the sound of music or calls to the perfect level because it is precise and easy to turn. There is a feedback sound when the full volume is reached indicated that it has reached the maximum output of sound. Inside of the volume dial is the multipurpose button for turning off/on the speaker, putting it into pairing mode, playing and pausing music, and answering and hanging up calls. The LED next to the volume dial indicates what mode the speaker is in so in pairing mode, the speaker will alternate between white and red flashes. On the opposite end of the volume dial, on the speaker, is the LED indicator that shows the battery percentage left on the speaker.

The battery life on the Switch is impressive. I usually only have to charge it once every few weeks. I use the device about every few days for a couple of hours on average.

Build quality is great on the Switch. It is made of a soft touch plastic with a matte finish so it does not pick up fingerprints or scratch easily. The speaker looks sleek and fits nicely in any room.

The Switch can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and offers the same sound in either position. This is a unique feature of the speaker so if the user has limited space, the speaker can be used in the vertical position.

The sound quality is clear on the device. It fills a small or medium room well. The sound on the speaker carries well. The bass on the device has a nice thump to it. The highs, mids, and lows are present. There is also some good treble. The speaker is also great for adding some surrounds sound to a movies, videos, etc.

Overall, the speaker offers a nice alternative to the speaker on one’s device.  It packs a loud punch in the sound department and offers some extra dimensions of sound that may not be available on one’s laptop, phone, or mp3 player. I would recommend this speaker to those looking for a bluetooth speaker that has good sound quality and many other features.




My Macbook Case Review

IMG_8336My Macbook Case offers many options for protecting one’s Macbook. They have many color options to choose from including pink, purple, blue, and more. The Macbook pro 13″ with Retina display case currently retails for $34.98 on their website (link).

The case is build with quality material because it has not had an issue even when I have bumped it against multiple surfaces. Also, the finish on the case is fantastic as every little detail, such as the apple cutout and curved cuts on the sides with the ports, is included in the case. The case is a soft touch plastic case and comes in two pieces. All of their cases are see thru so adding a decal to the Macbook works well. The case has a matte finish so although it is a fingerprint magnet, they do not appear on the case as easily as a glossy finish would.

The bottom piece does not reach all four corners of the Macbook for functionality reasons (see video). Rather the case exchanges some protection for the ability to open the top of the Macbook (the screen) all the way. Some other cases limit the angles that the Macbook screen can open to because the top and bottom piece of the cases will conflict, but that problem does not occur here.

The case is flush against the Mac and does not add to much bulk. It is a thin case but offers a lot of protection as I have bumped the Mac against multiple surfaces with no problems with the computer or case. The bottom of the case has four small foam pads that elevate the Macbook from the surface for ventilation, keeps the case from scratching the surface, and keeps the laptop from sliding around. The cutouts on the bottom of the case also reduce the added weight of the case and provide more ventilation.

There are two small things about the case that are specific, but should be mentioned. The left corner of the computer closest to the trackpad sometimes does not stay flush with the case, but can be pushed back into place easily (see video). Also, it is not easily noticeable so there are not too many complaints about that. Secondly, when I first got the case, the bottom piece was a bit rough on my wrists but have since smoothen out so there are no more problems with that (see video).

Overall, the case does a great job of protecting the Macbook while adding minimal bulk. The different color options allow one to personalize the Macbook and make it unique. Also, the ability to see a decal through the case adds even more options for customizing one’s laptop. I would recommend this to people who are looking for a case that offer protection, minimal bulk, and has the ability to see decals through the Macbook.



The ERA of web designing and web development: What can they do for you?


Before it used to be billboards, poster on the wall and ad campaigns on television and radio which was used to advertise and spread businesses as well as gain our attention. But, ever since we got internet the whole idea of campaigning and starting a business have changed. In the world where internet has become a necessity for every human being to survive, there are Web designers and developers who work for their clients to make websites which are not just for the purpose of viewing or advertising and sending different information regarding what so ever the website is made of, but they are tend to be made for the purpose of making the browser of that website a customer of whatever product or service that specific website is providing.

The most outstanding electrical services on time give lots of benefits to customers

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Mobiles Apps A Trend in Home Security, a Research on Tech-Enhanced Security


Before the tech revolution, one of the common questions of every homeowner would ask as they leave their homes would be “Did I lock the door?” With the creation of easy-to-use apps, it is easier to know the state of your home for a peace of mind.