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Kinivo 301BN HDMI Switch

IMG_9519Kinivo makes many awesome products, some that I have reviewed before, such as bluetooth speakers, headphones, and HDMI Switches. The product is currently out of stock on Kinivo’s website (link) and Amazon, but the 501BN (the 5-port version) is available on Amazon for $51.00 (link). The product was received for review purposes.

Kinivo’s 301BN offers up to 1080p output (depending on one’s device’s capabilities), 3D compatibility, 3 HDMI input ports  that allows one to connect 3 HDMI cables into the Switch box.  The switch comes with an IR remote and AC power adapter. The switch must be visible to the remote for changing HDMI ports. The remote comes with up and down arrows or the option to directly go to which port one wants with the 1, 2, or 3 button. There is also a switch button on the device if one wants to use the box itself to change HDMI inputs or the remote is unavailable for usage. The 5V AC adapter plugs into a wall outlet for powering the device.

The switch features a glossy finish on the top and bottom, which is a fingerprint magnet and collects dust. The sides have a brush aluminum look to them. The bottom of the case have four rubber feet to keep it from sliding, and also to protect the surface of the switch and the surface it is placed on.

Kinivo’s product allows the user to connect up to 3 different HDMI inputs into one’s TV so it allows for a greater number of connected devices, and can save on time to switch through video settings. I connect my xBox, Chromecast, and HDMI-in cord to the 301BN for usage. It saves on time to switch from video 7 all the way back to video 6. Also, since the Sony TV out in the den only has 2 HDMI ports, the switch allows for two additional devices to be connected.

Overall, using the 301BN saves a lot of time to switch between video inputs and allows for more connected devices. These two main features of the device are the reason why I would recommend this device to others looking to purchase or have the need for an HDMI switch.



Kinivo BTD 300 Bluetooth USB Adapter

IMG_9534Kinivo’s BTD 300 allows for laptops and computers without bluetooth capability to utilize bluetooth. The device is currently on sale on Kinivo’s website (link) and Amazon (link) for $7.99 (MSRP $29.99). The bluetooth adapter was sent out for review purposes.

The BTD 300 is small, and is about the size of a dime. It offers USB 3.0, but is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 2.1 It fits snuggly into the USB port of a computer or laptop and does not take up much real-estate. Once plugged into the computer, the adapter flashes a blue LED light a few times. It allows computers and laptops without bluetooth capability to utilize bluetooth for things such as connecting bluetooth speakers, mice, or phones to the desired device.

The device comes with installation disks for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 to install the device on one’s computer/laptop. Windows 8 is also compatible, but one must go to Kinivo’s website to install the necessary drivers. It also works with Mac10.3 or later.  My previous laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 7, did not have bluetooth capabilities so plugging in the BTD 300 to connect my bluetooth speakers to it was quick and simple.

Kinivo’s bluetooth adapter allowed me to connect my bluetooth headphones to the Sony Vaio laptop for playing music and games. The ability to connect to bluetooth is great for a multitude of different uses. I would recommend the BTD 300 to those that have bluetooth devices, but not a bluetooth enabled computer/laptop.


Kinivo BTH 220 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

IMG_9659Kinivo has quality products, and I have reviewed a few of their products in the past. The Kinivo BTH 220 is a headset from their bluetooth line. The BTH 220 retails for $20.99 on Kinivo’s website (link) or on Amazon with Prime shipping for the same price (link). The BTH 220 was sent out for review.

The headset is portable as it folds up into a smaller size. The included felt carrying bag is a plus because it allows one to throw these headphones into a bag without scratching it up. Although, the bag attracts dust. Also, included is the mini USB charging cable and instruction manual. The manual is where you can find information on how to connect to your bluetooth capable device.

The headphones have a leather smell on the ear cups. They are fairly comfortable for this type of headphones that hang off of your ears. The back of the headset hangs in the air behind my head and moving my head up and down causes the headphones to move. This can get irritating quickly. The headphones tend to hurt my after a bit of usage as they hang off the ears, but that is expected because of the type of headphones they are.

On the right ear cup, you can find the volume up and volume down buttons, as well as the replay and skip track buttons. When pushing these buttons on the right ear cup, one can hear the clicking noise in the ear very well. But, the buttons are easy to press and work instantly. This feature is nice because one is able to use the main features when listening to music without having to unlock one’s phone and use up battery for unnecessary things. In the center of the four buttons, is the multi-functional button to power on and off the headset, pair to the device, pause music, answer and end calls, use voice commands (such as Siri), as well as other functions.

The headset boosts an 8 hour battery, which is plenty of time to get some quality playing time in. The mini USB port is also on the right ear cup. One needs to use his/her own power brick to charge this through a power outlet, or one can charge via USB port such as through a computer.

The sound quality is decent. The music is clear and there seems to be no loss of quality. The bass is present, but it is soft not the usual thumping that I enjoy. The headphones are not very loud so you have to turn up the volume on the device to hear, and then gradually increase the sound on the headset to hear it well. I get the usual sound that I like at 1/2 volume on my iPhone 5S and full volume on the headphones. The usual sound I like is usually around the 1/4 – 1/3 volume on the iPhone with most of my other headphones.

Overall, these are decent headphones for the price. The sound quality is good, and the headset is great for travel. I would recommend these headphones to someone looking for an inexpensive pair of bluetooth headphones with good quality sound.




Kinivo BTH410 Bluetooth Headphones Review

IMG_9160The Kinivo BTH410 headphones are a 2-in-1 solution. This headphones features bluetooth capabilities for usage wirelessly or plug in the included 3.5mm jack for wired usage. Pricing and availability are currently available from Kinivo’s website as the headphones are out of stock at this time, but Amazon currently has a used pair for $33.00 (link). The headphones were sent out for review by Kinivo (link).

The headphones come in a glossy black color so it is a fingerprint magnet, but only shows up in direct light. The inside of the headband is a matte finish with a rubberized top portion so that it will stay on your head. The ear cups are a rectangular shape and are an on-ear fit. The headphones are comfortable and the padding is thick and soft. After a few hours (2-3) of continuous use, they do start to wear down on my ears (but most on-ear headphones cause that problem for me). The headphones are able to fold up for easy storage or for traveling.

All of the buttons and ports are located on the left side of the headphones. The multifunction button is on the headband portion with a blue LED. The button is an on/off switch, answers/rejects/ends calls, pairing, and plays/pause music. Adjacent to the multifunction buttons, on the side of the headband, are the replay and skip track buttons, as well as the volume buttons. On the ear cup itself are the micro USB port for charging the headphones, the 3.5 mm headphone port, and the microphone.

The headphones replaced my bluetooth headphones and my wired headphones. It is nice to have one pair of headphones that does both jobs. The headphones work with the included 3.5 mm flat audio cable for use without bluetooth. This type of audio cable reduces tangling cords. This option saves battery power, and I use this option when I am watching a lot of Youtube videos or TV episodes in one sitting. Additionally, the headphones come with a micro USB cable for charging.

When powering on the headphones for bluetooth use, a voice will announce the headphones are on by saying “Power on.” The same voice will announce when power off also, by saying “Power off” or playing a sound. There is also an announcement of “Pairing” when in pairing mode. The voice is quite loud so I would recommend activating these features with the headphones off of one’s ears.

Pairing is quick and easy. Once in pairing mode and bluetooth is turned on, the headphones will show up on the device’s bluetooth list for pairing.Multiple devices can be paired with the headphones for use at different times. I use the headphones with my Macbook and iPhone and both pair with the headphones in seconds after I turned them on.

The headphones have a long battery life (up to 8 hours stated on Kinivo’s website) and I was able to use them periodically everyday for 3-4 weeks before needing to charge. The headphones can be used with the included cable while the headphones are charging. The headphones will play a sound every minute or so when the headphones are running low on battery. Also, the headphones will flash a red LED instead of the usual blue color when the batteries are low.

The sound quality is great for listening to music. There is no loss of sound when using bluetooth. The bass is nice and thumping. The treble is present. Sound is clear and crisp. Each instrument can be distinguished in most songs. The headphones are also great for watching movies and making calls.

Overall, the Kinivio BTH410′s are a great solution to one’s headphone needs. This package offers a wireless (bluetooth) and wired options, which gives the user multiple options for using the headphones. These headphones also offer great sound quality with either option. The plus is the 8 hours of battery life for more enjoying and less charging. I would recommend this pair of headphones to those looking for a bluetooth headphones or a wired pair of headphones as they work great for both options.



Kinivo ZX100 Mini Speaker Review


The Kinivo ZX100 is a compact wired speaker that packs a big sound. The speaker comes in a variety of colors and can be found on Kinivo’s website or on Amazon. The product retails for around $20 (price subject to change). The ZX100 was sent out for review.