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Uninstall Splashtop Remote Desktop (Streamer and Old/New Remote!)

splashtop remote desktop

I, like many, have been using Splashtop Remote Desktop to access my computer from not only other computers, but also from my iPhone. Recently, Splashtop has updated their apps for both desktop and mobile device to “2.0,” which is supposed to be a great update. However, I have recently made a change as well, from Splashtop to TeamViewer, which seems to run noticeably better on my PC even if it doesn’t have many of the features that Splashtop does. As such, I went to uninstall Splashtop completely (Remote and Streamer), and found I could not access the uninstall option from the Windows Control Panel. Finally, I figured out the solution.

Google Announces Google Drive


After weeks of teases and leaks, Google pulled the curtain off their latest innovation in the cloud computing space. It’s called Google Drive and it allows users of the service to store, share, and collaborate on their files almost anywhere.

As many anticipated, Google Drive gives users 5 gigabytes (GB) of free storage space for all of your files, including documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more. Those who are looking to put a bit more in Google’s cloud can choose to upgrade from a list of specific storage plans. For example, users can purchase 25GB of space for $2.49 a month, 100GB for $4.99 a month, or even 1 terabyte (TB) for $49.99 a month. With these pricing-for-storage options, Google is looking to give users access to simple, easy, and accessible cloud storage whilst encouraging users to use other Google services such as Gmail, Google Calendars, and the new Google+ for a streamlined experience. As Google states, “[Drive is] built to work seamlessly with your overall Google experience.”