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Kinivo 301BN HDMI Switch

IMG_9519Kinivo makes many awesome products, some that I have reviewed before, such as bluetooth speakers, headphones, and HDMI Switches. The product is currently out of stock on Kinivo’s website (link) and Amazon, but the 501BN (the 5-port version) is available on Amazon for $51.00 (link). The product was received for review purposes.

Kinivo’s 301BN offers up to 1080p output (depending on one’s device’s capabilities), 3D compatibility, 3 HDMI input ports  that allows one to connect 3 HDMI cables into the Switch box.  The switch comes with an IR remote and AC power adapter. The switch must be visible to the remote for changing HDMI ports. The remote comes with up and down arrows or the option to directly go to which port one wants with the 1, 2, or 3 button. There is also a switch button on the device if one wants to use the box itself to change HDMI inputs or the remote is unavailable for usage. The 5V AC adapter plugs into a wall outlet for powering the device.

The switch features a glossy finish on the top and bottom, which is a fingerprint magnet and collects dust. The sides have a brush aluminum look to them. The bottom of the case have four rubber feet to keep it from sliding, and also to protect the surface of the switch and the surface it is placed on.

Kinivo’s product allows the user to connect up to 3 different HDMI inputs into one’s TV so it allows for a greater number of connected devices, and can save on time to switch through video settings. I connect my xBox, Chromecast, and HDMI-in cord to the 301BN for usage. It saves on time to switch from video 7 all the way back to video 6. Also, since the Sony TV out in the den only has 2 HDMI ports, the switch allows for two additional devices to be connected.

Overall, using the 301BN saves a lot of time to switch between video inputs and allows for more connected devices. These two main features of the device are the reason why I would recommend this device to others looking to purchase or have the need for an HDMI switch.



Native Union Switch Speaker Review

IMG_8303The Native Union Switch is a portable bluetooth speaker that offers some big sound. It is a versatile device that does more than just playing music. It comes in a variety of different colors and the standard colors retail for $149.99 on their website (link) or view it on Amazon, where it is currently priced at $75 (link). The Switch bluetooth speaker was sent out for review.

The speaker is larger than some of the portable speakers on the market so it is less travel-friendly than some speakers but makes up for it in features. The speaker allows users to make conference calls, charge one’s device while using the speaker, play music in two different positions, and has a volume dial to adjust sound.

The Switch has four different ports which include the auxiliary port, the phone port (for conference calls), micro USB in for charging the speaker, and USB out for charging one’s device. Included with the speaker is a braided aux cord and micro USB cord that are the same color as the speaker. The braided cords are an added bonus because they do not fray as easily and do not tangle as easily than the conventional cords.

The volume dial is great for adjusting the sound of music or calls to the perfect level because it is precise and easy to turn. There is a feedback sound when the full volume is reached indicated that it has reached the maximum output of sound. Inside of the volume dial is the multipurpose button for turning off/on the speaker, putting it into pairing mode, playing and pausing music, and answering and hanging up calls. The LED next to the volume dial indicates what mode the speaker is in so in pairing mode, the speaker will alternate between white and red flashes. On the opposite end of the volume dial, on the speaker, is the LED indicator that shows the battery percentage left on the speaker.

The battery life on the Switch is impressive. I usually only have to charge it once every few weeks. I use the device about every few days for a couple of hours on average.

Build quality is great on the Switch. It is made of a soft touch plastic with a matte finish so it does not pick up fingerprints or scratch easily. The speaker looks sleek and fits nicely in any room.

The Switch can be used in the horizontal or vertical position and offers the same sound in either position. This is a unique feature of the speaker so if the user has limited space, the speaker can be used in the vertical position.

The sound quality is clear on the device. It fills a small or medium room well. The sound on the speaker carries well. The bass on the device has a nice thump to it. The highs, mids, and lows are present. There is also some good treble. The speaker is also great for adding some surrounds sound to a movies, videos, etc.

Overall, the speaker offers a nice alternative to the speaker on one’s device.  It packs a loud punch in the sound department and offers some extra dimensions of sound that may not be available on one’s laptop, phone, or mp3 player. I would recommend this speaker to those looking for a bluetooth speaker that has good sound quality and many other features.