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CHOETECH 6 Port USB Charger

IMG_9251CHOTECH’s 6 Port USB Charger is the modern power strip. The charger provides 6 USB ports in a compact design. The rapid charger is available on Amazon (link) for $23.99, and was sent out for review.

The charger is made of plastic material, and the finish is matte black. It is about three-fourths the length of an iPhone 5S and about the same width. It is about an 1″ thick so the charger is fairly small for its capability. The compact size and minimal weight of the charger makes it idea for on-the-go use.

The charger uses a detachable power cord that plugs into the wall and supplies 50W of power. All of the USB ports are on the same side so some of the larger USB cables may not fit next to each other. But, for the standard size USB’s the USB charger can handle charging all of one’s devices at the same time.

The CHOETECH charger is great for traveling because it reduces the amount of power bricks you need to carry around. Many people have a variety of USB charged devices such as phones, cameras, bluetooth headphones, and smart watches to name a few, that they need to charge. Therefore, having a multi-port charger allows users to save wall socket space and charge all of their devices at once.

Usually, before a trip I will go on a charging spree and charge my portable battery charger, camera(s), bluetooth headphones, and other USB devices to take on the trip. This requires me to use a few different wall sockets because I usually am only able to charge one or two devices per each wall socket plug. With the 6 port charger, I can charge 6 devices in one wall socket plug and charge another device such as my laptop or camera batteries in the other plug. This is just one of many examples of ways to use the charger.

The charger can rapidly charge one’s devices. The iPhone 5S was used to test the charger. With the certified apple charger and charging brick, it took 1.17 minutes to charge the phone 1%. The CHOETECH charger (the certified apple cable was plugged into one USB port) clocked in at 0.94 minutes for 1%. This difference adds up to 23 minutes saved charging with the CHOETECH charger over the Apple wall charger.

Overall, I would recommend the CHOETECH 6 port charger because it reduces the amount of bulk you may carry around to charge your devices (or saves a wall socket) and it rapidly charges your devices, which saves time.


4 Awesome Job Prospects That Are Expecting Growth


With the unemployment rate at 6.7 percent, you want to make sure you’re headed into a field where your skills are in high demand like a career being one of the best personal injury lawyers. These careers won’t require the schooling but can be just as in demand.While you can expect to see a 10 percent increase in job creation through 2022 in all fields, some careers are more fast-growing than others. Check out these five careers that are expected to grow within the next decade.

Information Technology

With advancing technologies, software companies need more people in their IT department to help manage their technology. While you may help repair computers, ensure a secure network, and improve business efficiency, you can also work building software programs, and the pay is usually really good. A computer software engineer, for instance, makes an average of $87,900 per year. From 2012-2022, jobs are expected to grow by 22 percent, which is much faster than the average field. Given that you need strong computer programming skills, most people enter the field with a bachelor’s degree.

Environmental Sustainability

Now that more companies are turning toward green initiatives, they need people to help them reach their goals. A job in environmental sustainability could involve anything from conducting tests to monitor the environment to developing the technology needed to clean up the environment. You could, for instance, start out as an environmental science and protection technician, where you only need an associate degree and can make over $40,000 per year. Plus, the job outlook for an environmental technician is expected to grow by 19 percent, which is faster than average.

If you want to take your career farther, you can continue your education. Consider going to school online to get your degree and start paving your way toward career success. A master’s could get you a career in environmental engineering, where you could make an average of $81,200 per year with a 10-year job growth of 31 percent, says Money.CNN.com.


As the baby boom generation ages, the nation needs more nurses than ever before, making it an excellent time to get into the field. For one, you’ll make great money, with the average registered nurse (a position that requires a two-year associate’s degree) making more than $65,000 per year, says BLS.gov. The nursing field is expected to grow by 19 percent through 2022, but since there’s already a shortage in nurses, your chances of getting a job are high, with just a 2.6 percent unemployment rate. Other options in the nursing field, such as nurse aides and nurse practitioners, are also in high demand.


There are numerous careers available in financing as people turn towards financial consultants to help them with their business or personal finances. A financial adviser, for instance, makes an average of almost $94,000 per year, and the 10-year job growth expectancy is at 30 percent, says Money.CNN.com. A certified public accountant (CPA) like www.wzaccountants.ca is a fast-growing career, too, with a 22 percent 10-year growth expectancy and an average annual income of $73,800.

Don’t settle on a career that will leave you hanging. Consider entering one of these fast-growing career fields where you can expect growth.