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Scuf Gaming Hybrid Controller Review

IMG_8316Scuf Gaming makes professional gaming controllers for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, as well as accessories and other gaming gear. They offer controller customizations so people can find or make their ideal controller. The Xbox 360 Hybrid controller (The Scuf Hybrid model) retails for  $125.95 on their website (link). The Scuf Gaming controller was sent out for review.

The controller arrives in a sturdy box that includes an instructions guide on how to set up the controller and how to remap the trigger buttons. It also comes with a Scuf-Key to adjust the trigger pull resistance.

The controller comes in a wired (for Xbox or PC) or wireless version, but the wireless version can be used as a wired controller for the Xbox. The wireless version (reviewed in this post) includes a rechargeable battery so it is a lot lighter than the original Xbox 360 controller. It is charged via mini USB, with the included cable. The cable charges the controller but it can also be used to game while charging through the Xbox. My controller has some battery issues as it was unable to hold a charge for more than a day even if I used it only for an hour, but I did not see anyone have this problem so it might just be my controller.

The Hybrid controller is light because it eliminated the battery pack and is rechargeable. This allows the user to continuously play longer without fatigue because the added weight of the battery pack on the original Xbox controller does add up over time.

The Scuf Hybrid has a matte finish on the front of the controller and a rubber-like back that improves one’s grip of the controller. The matte finish prevents fingerprints from showing up and keeps scratches to a minimum, if there are any scratches at all. The controller has a depressed/concave left thumb stick and a convex right thumb stick for extra grip. The d-pad is more defined than the original controller so pushing in different directions is more accurate.

The controller can be equipped with up to four paddles and they can be mapped (assigned) to any button desired via the remapping button located on the top of the controller. These paddles are great for FPS, other types of shooting games, and other games as well. They provide quicker access to the assigned buttons, but it does take some time to get used to this controller. The paddles are accurate and I have not had any times where it did not work when I used them.

The controller as a whole surpasses the original xbox controller in every aspect because it performs great as well as features many things that the original Xbox does not have. After using the Scuf controller for a week, I could not stand going back to the original Xbox controller because it was a lot heavier and could not perform like I expected it to.

Overall, the Hybrid controller is versatile and performs like I imaged a professional gaming controller to perform. It works as promised and outranks the original Xbox controller in every aspect. I would recommend this controller to anyone looking for a controller that provides better grip, performance, and is lighter than the original Xbox controller.