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6 Must Do Things for SEO Optimization on Bing

bing seo

Bing and Yahoo are now getting increasing attention from some parts of the world. They have 25% market share. Over the next several months further integration will occur over sharing their and further integration search functions.

If you have ignored the growing importance of Bing, you are doing wrong. Now it is the time to start looking at how to optimize website for Bing.  This post will let you know how to index occurs with Bing.

A Panic Button Went Off With The News Of Hummingbird: Was That Really Required???


The latest gift that Google has on offer is Hummingbird, the search algorithm that does a thorough search for the queries you approach Google with. There are several illusions and delusions that are doing the rounds and showering less-informed people with loads of wrong information. There is one way out of such locked container of ignorance. A comparative analysis of the information available can disperse the cloud of confusion a bit.